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Goings On About Town: Art: “A Room in Three Movements” / “Unpunished”

The New Yorker, February 2011

“A Room in Three Movements” / “Unpunished”

Katy Heinlein, Sheila Pepe, and Halsey Rodman share the bill, as well as a theatrically nonchalant take on formalism. The “movements” of the title are literal: the show will be rearranged three times. On a recent Sunday, viewers were met at the entrance by a triumvirate of tabletop objects by Pepe, cheeky conglomerations of ceramic, fabric, plaster, and wood that suggest maquettes for much larger works (monuments to improvisation, perhaps). In the next room, Rodman’s “The Wolves from Three Angles”—a knockabout hybrid of painting, drawing, sculpture, and shelving unit—was vying for attention with Pepe’s crocheted fabric grid. The curtain fell in the last room with Heinlein’s pratfall of a sculpture, covered in fringe. Tucked inside a cabinet near the office are loose leaves from the zine “Unpunished” (much of it N.S.F.W.), organized by the artist Nayland Blake. Through Feb. 27.