Sue Scott Gallery

Goings on About Town: Pat Steir

The New Yorker, January 2011

The painter, known for her expressive, Asian-influenced abstractions, transforms the gallery with a site-specific work titled “The Nearly Endless Line.” A continuous white brushstroke runs horizontally along the walls, just above eye level, making an occasional loop-the-loop. The space is black-lit, which lends the line a violet tinge and makes it appear to float in front of a red grid that’s painted on the walls. (The 3-D effect is heightened by a second line, this one black, which hovers below the first, as if it were a shadow.) Steir’s mural stirs inevitable thoughts of Zen calligraphy, but the grid and the glow-in-the-dark effects may leave some viewers feeling transported, Tron-style, to the inside of a video game. Through Jan. 9.